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Aristocrat Plumbing Inc prides ourselves on doing a great job, the first time. We have proudly served Grants Pass and the entire Josephine County area with excellent customer service for over 22 Years. Owner Rich Shane has over 37 years working as a plumber and we've been in the Valley for 25 years.
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Regardless of whether you use a septic tank or a city water line, you expect clean water to be ready at the tap when you need it and waste water to be removed quickly and efficiently. Reliable and well-maintained water pumps are the key to modern indoor plumbing regardless of where that water is coming from or going to. Aristocrat Plumbing Inc in Grants Pass, Oregan can expertly handle plumbing installation and repair projects.
Sump Pumps
If your home is prone to flooding or you have a regular buildup of water in your basement or around your foundation, you may need a sump pump. When surface or ground water, roof drainage, or flooding from storms collects, a sump pump effectively removes that water and transfers it away from your home. We install, maintain and repair sump pumps to keep water where it's supposed to be.
Septic Pumps
Indoor plumbing is a wonderful thing, but only when wastewater is effectively transferred away from your home. Sewage blockages and backups could be caused by a malfunctioning septic pump. Whether you use a septic tank or a city sewage line, a well-functioning septic pump is critical to your health and safety.
Well Tanks
For homes that rely on well water rather than a city water system, a malfunctioning well water pump and tank system can cause major problems. When your water goes out or you experience a decrease in water pressure, we can service, repair or replace your well tank to resume reliable delivery of clean water to your home from your well.
Don't go another minute without a reliable water transfer system. Your family's health depends on it. At NAME, we are the pump experts and we will do the job right the first time. Our trained technicians are well qualified to install, replace, service and repair any type of pump. We have extensive knowledge of sump pumps, septic pumps and well tanks.

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